Deck Out Your Swimming Pool With Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers were initially designed to make roads safer. Versatile pavers have become outdoor design favorites but their functional uses should not be overlooked. Around a swimming pool deck, permeable pavers provide water management, conservation, and safety benefits. 

Poolside Water Management 

Pool owners start the day early skimming debris off the swimming pool surface and suctioning it off the pool floor. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a morning swim while the sun is rising instead? While they cannot eliminate pool maintenance, permeable pavers can minimize the amount of debris in the swimming pool. 

Permeable pavers infiltrate water back into the groundwater system.  The surface material is porous enough to also absorb debris. The aggregate layer filters the debris while the cleaner seeps into the groundwater. Less debris and standing water also means fewer pesky mosquitos hanging around the pool area. 

Pavers and Slippery Decks 

By absorbing water, pavers can reduce slippery patio services. Many buyers of paving stones for patios prefer a polished surface. Practically, though, these surfaces are more slippery when wet. But a recent study of paving stones has good news for you. The rugged stone is not necessarily the least slippery. 

The composition is more important than surface finish. You and your pool guests will be less likely to fall on a paver stone with a high quartz content. Though a stone with high porosity such as sandstone could also be less slippery. 

Synthetic Paver Properties 

Synthetic materials are also used in paving stones and can improve material properties and design elements, so ensure the pavers you choose have the functionality you need. A paver may look like sandstone but act like granite (a more slippery material). The pavers directly surrounding the pool, for example, are often larger and may be slanted to drain water. As the first footprint outside the pool, they should have the lowest slippage. 

Synthetic materials may also be better heat absorbers, by being designed to reflect light, for example. Make a list of the paving properties you desire for your patio. Permeable paver designs and properties are versatile enough to meet most any need. 

Pavers and Water Safety

Permeable pavers stones are not only for the patio surface. They are an inexpensive, practical way of creating new outdoor spaces. Partial walls, steps, and bridges can divide up your patio into new functional areas. Safety is of particular concern in and around the children's pool. A small walkway separating the children's pool and play area can prevent toddlers from falling into the adult pool. 

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